Guess the State Game

So, I was messing with the idea of making a new multi-player Hangman game for mobile, and I went home last night and put together this quick game between 8pm and 1am! I would love to know what you think of the game, which is here:

Guess the State Game

Go play it and then come back and comment on this post! If you like it, please support future development of the game by following the Amazon links on the page footer.

I’d love to add features like leaderboards, a time limit, rewards for reducing mistakes or a perfect score, levelling up, and of course, additional categories other than US states. If I do release a multi-player, competitive, timed version of the game for mobile I’ll also need funds to pay for licensing costs and bandwidth.

You can also help by visiting Zone In, the new site that answers the question, What’s happening near me?

  • It’s a very simple games, but you did a fantastic job at polishing it up. The ability to use it as an educational tool may offer some monetary benefit.