Star Wars: Battlefront III

Free Radical Design hired me in June of 2008 and gave me the task of providing scripting and design on the cutscenes scrum team for Star Wars: Battlefront III. Sadly, toward the end of the year the game was cancelled. As Free Radical ran low on funds, it was forced to close in January of 2009.

Driver: San Francisco

Ubisoft Reflections hired me as Script Editing Support for Driver: San Francisco. I focused on defining and implementing narrative logic for how mission and world information would be delivered, along with the essential gameplay info to be conveyed through each mission beat.

After my contract was up I was re-hired as Narrative Designer to help shepherd the game into the final stretch, taking on scriptwriting and editing duties for several missions and open world characters.


Publisher Chillingo contracted me to write marketing material for their mobile titles, driving sales on the App Store.

Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest

I was hired as Writer for Zindagi Games on the story and cutscenes for Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest, taking on the primary writing role while engaging with many challenging design, tone and budget constraints.

Final Run

I was contracted to write the script for the story-driven zombie driving game Final Run by Rotor Games on iOS. You and your grudging ally try to escape no man’s land in the middle of the zombie apocalypse.

Unannounced Project – Zindagi Games

I was re-hired by Zindagi Games as Lead Writer to provide universe development and story for a large prototype.

Super Barista

I was contracted as game design consultant for developer AppNormals and publisher Balloon 27 in the concept phase for Super Barista, a pixel-art mashup of Diner Dash with tower defense mechanics, set in space.

Unannounced Project – MURKA Games

I was contracted as Lead Writer for MURKA to provide writing and story direction for a mobile title.

Halo 4

In my Designer role at Certain Affinity, I provided gameplay scripting and design for most of the game modes for Halo 4, leading technical development on one of them.

Halo 4: Bullseye DLC

In my Designer role at Certain Affinity, and along with several other key team members, I assisted in systems design and technical design for the Ricochet game mode within the Bullseye DLC.

Age of Booty: Tactics

In my Designer role at Certain Affinity, I performed technical design in C# and Unity for our iOS turn-based tactical piracy title, Age of Booty: Tactics. That involved Unity UI programming, in-game store design and programming, coding a JQuery-based interactive store management webpage for internal use, devising and implementing achievements and realtime chat systems for the game, and general team tools development in C#.

Halo 2: Anniversary (Halo Master Chief Collection)

In my Designer role at Certain Affinity, I led the technical design of all game modes in Halo 2: Anniversary within the Halo Master Chief Collection, including designing and implementing several modes and variants from the ground up. I drove the development of new modes like Epidemic, Flight, Incursion, Kill from the Hill, Quickochet, Velocity, provided brand-new implementations of favorites like Race and Assault, and also re-integrated the Ricochet mode. I also implemented most of the unique game mode-related Achievements.

Mafia III

In my Designer role at Certain Affinity, I gave assistance to 2K Games on game scripting for Mafia III.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

In my Designer role at Certain Affinity, I worked on systems and technical design on the single-player campaign for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, in concert with the great teams at Beenox and Raven (available when ordering Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition).

Unannounced AAA Project

In my time at Certain Affinity I worked on a AAA project where our involvement has not been announced.

Unannounced Work

In my time at Certain Affinity I have worked on several game prototypes in the FPS genre using leading game engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine 4. I have also generated narrative design documents, game dialogue scripts, and promotional and pitch videos, and provided occasional assistance with web development, tools and copy writing.