Star Wars: Battlefront III

At Free Radical Design I worked as designer on the cutscenes team for the cancelled Star Wars: Battlefront III. As Free Radical ran low on funds due to a high burn rate from multiple projects, it was forced to close in January of 2009.

Driver: San Francisco

At Ubisoft Reflections I initially worked as Script Editing Support for Driver: San Francisco, and focused on defining and implementing narrative logic. I created a narrative structure for each mission in the game and the information each line needed to convey to players.

After my initial contract was up I was re-hired as Narrative Designer, taking on scriptwriting and editing duties for several missions and open world characters, and assisting with the massive task of organizing localization for the game.


As a freelancer for mobile publisher Chillingo, I wrote marketing material for their titles, driving App Store sales.

Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest

As freelance Writer for Zindagi Games on the story and cutscenes for Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest (PS3), I took on the primary writing role for cutscenes while engaging with many challenging design, tone and budget constraints.

Final Run

As freelance Narrative Designer for Rotor Games, I wrote the full script for their combat driving game set in the zombie apocalypse, Final Run (iOS).

Unannounced Project – Zindagi Games

As freelance Lead Writer for Zindagi Games, I provided universe development and story for a AAA game prototype.

Super Barista

As freelance Game Design Consultant for developer AppNormals and publisher Balloon 27, I provided consultancy on core loop and mechanics for Super Barista, a pixel-art mashup of Diner Dash, set in space and with tower defense mechanics.

Unannounced Project – MURKA Games

As freelance Lead Writer for MURKA, I provided writing and story direction for a prototype mobile game title.

Halo 4

At Certain Affinity I provided gameplay scripting and design for most of the multiplayer game modes for Halo 4, leading technical development on one of them.

Halo 4: Bullseye DLC

At Certain Affinity I led systems and technical design for the Ricochet multiplayer game mode within the Bullseye DLC for Halo 4.

Age of Booty: Tactics

At Certain Affinity I performed technical design in Unity3D using C# for turn-based tactical game Age of Booty: Tactics (iOS), including UI programming, achievement systems, realtime chat, player name generation, the in-game item store, and an internal JQuery-based interactive store management tool.

Halo 2: Anniversary (Halo Master Chief Collection)

At Certain Affinity I led the technical design of all game modes in Halo 2: Anniversary within the Halo Master Chief Collection, including concepting, designing and implementing several modes and variants from the ground up. I drove the development of new modes like Epidemic, Flight, Incursion, Kill from the Hill, Quickochet, Velocity, provided brand-new implementations of favorites like Race and Assault, and also re-integrated the Ricochet mode. I also implemented most gamemode-related achievements.

Mafia III

At Certain Affinity I gave assistance to 2K Games on game scripting for Mafia III.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

At Certain Affinity I worked on systems and technical design on the single-player campaign for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, in concert with the teams at Beenox and Raven.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered

At Certain Affinity I worked on systems and technical design on the single-player campaign for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered, in concert with the teams at Beenox and Raven.

Unannounced AAA Project

I worked on a AAA narrative franchise shooter project for a large partner where Certain Affinity’s involvement was not announced.

World of Tanks: Halloween Event 2017

At Certain Affinity I helped design and implement the 2017 Halloween event for World of Tanks (PC). I took point on monetization systems and design, event rewards, out-of-game experience (lobby and rewards delivery), and server- and client-side integration (networking, data modelling, and user interface).

Prototypes at Certain Affinity

At Certain Affinity I worked on several shooter prototypes using Unity and Unreal 4.

Respawn Entertainment

As Lead Narrative Technical Designer on the Star Wars team that released Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, I lead a team of technically-minded Narrative Designers who own and develop narrative-related game systems and content, and I develop and maintain a technical portfolio of narrative-related pipelines, tools, and game systems across Blueprint, C++, Python, and web languages.